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Although this video addresses Oregon law in particular, most of the information discussed in the video applies to all states.

A Note from the Department of Justice
Thank you for serving as a director of a nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building and enhancing our communities. As a leader of a nonprofit organization, it is important to remember that the organization’s supporters and those served by the organization have placed their trust in you to make the right decisions and to make wise use of the organization’s resources.

This presentation is intended to help you fulfill that trust by assisting you in understanding your legal rights and responsibilities as a board director. The laws that apply to nonprofits provide a framework to guide your decisions and to ensure that your organization has the structures in place to be successful. By taking the time to learn more about your role, you are well on your way to helping your organization achieve its goals.

Elizabeth Grant
Charitable Activities Section
Oregon Department of Justice

Now you and your fellow board members can conveniently learn more about your important role.

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