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MWI Consultants Inc is a globally-known Financial Planning Consultancy Service providing financial strategies and advisory to top net-worth companies, families and individuals.

Ethical Business Standards

MWI Consultants Inc strives to uphold the highest levels of ethical practice within our business dealings. Our goal is to protect and preserve the interests of our clients by upholding strict ethical standards.

Work in Your Best Interests Only

Our goal is to serve your needs only with advices that are appropriate to your circumstances as an individual and not merely those that bring financial advantage to our company. MWI Consultants Inc work to bring success to our customers’ financial goals, ultimately. MWI Consultants Inc will not enter into any strategic partnerships with third-party entities in order to obtain financial gain for ourselves. The only strategic relationships we establish are with you. That is, each one of our advices and decisions on your behalf will be done solely for the propagation of your needs and your portfolio.

Dealing with All Clients Fairly

The Company consistently treats all our clients equally and provides them with the same high-quality service, regardless of wealth, budget and level of investment. The Company considers our responsibility to our clients quite seriously and stands on the principle that our primary goal is to conduct our business with integrity and respect. The Company will continually serve you with utmost honesty and fairness.

Commit Ourselves to Providing a Long Term Service

The Company centers our service on delivering to client's long-term service and will only enter into new transactions based on their best interests. Unless necessary, we do not initiate any new business or provide any additional recommendations or consultancy.

Maintain Competency in Investment Management

Our teams are diligently serving the interests of our clients and improving investment management service by acquiring up-to-date education and training.

Act with Integrity

The Company commits us to offering only services that are consistent with our aim to deliver excellent and financially viable recommendations and support. For instance, we will not deal with a customer who merely desires to have an investment or pension and leaves its progress to the wind without any evaluation, hoping for good fortune to come into view.

MWI Consultants Inc
34 Floor, 77 Robinson Road, Singapore, 068896
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +65 6826 4194
Fax: +65 6491 5769

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