Connecting Your Vision and Your Values with Your Grantmaking Edit Title

Being a thoughtful and wise grantmaking partner is a deliberate process. There are many important components to creating the change you want to see in the world and making the vision of your organization come to life. The eight steps presented are part of the work for any size organization to consider when embarking on grantmaking as a tool to fulfill their vision. These steps can be modified to address the organization’s level of development. Smaller volunteer run or family foundations can perform the steps while utilizing many on line samples or existing tools of other organizations. Mature staffed organizations with large portfolios can either contract for some of the steps or have program staff administer and manage the process. Regardless, a review of the steps with the intent to bring the organization’s values and vision to life throughout the process is always helpful. Ultimately, building a collaborative relationship between the organization and the grantee will ensure the greatest impact and success in the form of social change. More...

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