Online Fraud Detection: Implement Basic Hacking Protection for your Website Edit Title

When it comes to Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is the leading and the most popular among bloggers, businessman and even to developers. There are almost million users of WordPress and hundreds of thousands get hacked every year. Why? Because it is so popular that almost every hacker wants to get their hands on it to obtain any vital information.

There are things you can do to protect your website from these hackers. Here are some easiest ways to protect your website:

  1. Never use “admin” as your username to login to your account. “admin” is the most common username and password that makes a hacker’s job much easier. Moreover, make it a requirement to create a strong unique password and regularly change it to keep your site even more secure.

  2. Set the right file permission on file uploads. Remember, user inputs are not your friend. If you disregard this, hackers can put malicious codes on files and once uploaded can affect your server in many different ways.

  3. There are a large number of plugins and themes available for download. Do not use plugins and themes from unreliable source as it may contain malicious codes that can affect the operation of your site. Install plugins and themes from the WordPress store only.

  4. One standard [security]( measure that you should regularly perform is backing up. Backing files are important as it makes the operation of your business continue even after a hacked takes place. I suggest utilizing a backup service.

  5. WordPress is very large and powerful CMS with updates that occur every few months. Make sure to download its latest release of updates because this contains patches that could enhance the security of your website.

  6. Lastly, choose the right web hosting company for your website. If you are hosting with a small company, make sure to ask them what measures they are taking to protect their server against threats. If they don’t keep their server up-to-date with the latest security patches and improvements, then it is time to change your hosting company.

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