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Completed by: Desirée Pavlik & Sarah Adams

Change in Action (CIA) is at a point where board recruitment is needed. This project details the current transition point in the organization’s lifecycle and looks ahead to the next two stages to provide a roadmap for strategic board development, which in turn will support the organization’s long-term growth and sustainability. With this perspective, CIA’s current board members can think about recruitment in terms of not only who would be good on the board right now, but also three to five years from now. This project will provide information to build a leadership team with the skills, knowledge, qualities, and commitment required for the board to meet the organization’s needs and expectations at each stage of its lifecycle. Additionally, this project will provide educational materials for board members to better understand the expectations of their role and responsibilities and set them on the road to successfully providing exceptional governance for the organization. Educating the board about the importance of all three types of governance—fiduciary, strategic, and generative (as detailed in this project)—provides a huge opportunity for the organization to be best prepared to move to the next organizational stage.

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