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The Leadership Development Program for Women Executives in Underserved Communities

The Leadership Development Program for Women Executives in Underserved Communities was inspired by several research studies conducted by Compass Point Nonprofit Services. These studies include Daring to Lead: Nonprofit Executive Directors and Their Work Experience (2001); On the... (continued)

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Creative Disruption: Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development in the Nonprofit Sector

The stresses and demands of leadership make intellectual, emotional, creative, and even physical burnout all too common among nonprofit executives. One of the most effective and cost efficient ways to prevent this from happening is the sabbatical. A “time away”... (continued)

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Fortifying L.A.'s Nonprofit Organizations: Capacity-Building Needs and Services in Los Angeles County

As Southern California continues to cope with the fallout from the economic downturn, many nonprofits in Los Angeles County are struggling to do more with less and could benefit from comprehensive, affordable, and culturally sensitive capacity-building services, a... (continued)

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Building Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations

So far, however, the rhetoric is ahead of the work. In this report, we try to advance capacity building work by defining capacity building as the ability of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions in an effective manner, and by examining capacity building as it relates to the overall quality of life in the... (continued)

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