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Occasionally, there are some childhood memories that can be easily remembered as if it was just yesterday. And these nostalgic memories are sometimes brought back by the ocean. One survey conducted that, building sand castles on beaches are one of the most memorable childhood experience of many. And as time passes by, these childhood memories are something you will look back over and over again.

Swimming is something we’re looking forward when summer comes. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities we love. However, it has one unfortunate downside - drowning. According to WHO, an estimated 80% of drowning can be avoided by recognizing hazards and by avoiding risky behavior.

Contributing factors to drowning are:

  • Alcohol consumption before swimming or using boats
  • The lack of education of water sports and swimming
  • The lack or not use of lifesaving devices

For this reason, lifeguards and surf rescue crews are very important to have to patrol in beaches. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) is a network of volunteer beach lifesavers formed to provide safety and awareness to Southbourne residents and tourists. As volunteers, they patrol the beach at Southbourne every weekend and during bank holidays between May and October.

Aside from patrolling beaches, the club also offers various beach activities for members of all ages. Their Young Life Savers (also known as Nippers) was trained to basic lifesaving skills and are knowledgeable in various rescue equipment. Moreover, they have elite members who compete in various Life Saving Sports events.

Our abiding love for the ocean will never wither. However, the enjoyment brought by the ocean doesn’t dismiss the idea of it being a potential danger to our safety. The ocean is never safe but SSLSC strives to make it as safe as possible.

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