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We focus on the areas of greatest risk to your business to deliver solutions tailored to you and the users of your financial statements.


Depending on the needs of your financial statement users, you may need to report under different sets of standards or provide varying levels of detail. Regardless of your requirements now or in the future, we can scale our audit solutions to meet your needs.

What’s more, with Moss Adams you’ll benefit from a customized, risk-based approach that emphasizes timely communication and coordination of activities. With dedicated and ongoing involvement from our senior-level professionals, your audit, review, or compilation will be planned and executed by an experienced team that understands your industry.

Our emphasis on tailoring an integrated audit to focus on areas of significant risks allows us to complete your engagement in an efficient and effective manner that reduces time spent on post-audit procedures and wrap-up. This approach helps us:

• Plan the engagement based on a thorough understanding of your business risks and transactions
• Communicate and coordinate activities with management and the audit committee based on an agreed-upon timeline
• Conduct continuous audit procedures to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on your personnel at year-end
• Work with management to resolve any complex accounting or reporting issues as early as possible in the audit process
• Provide recommendations to management of areas for improvement

We provide financial statement assurance solutions in the following areas:

• Outsourced accounting
• Reviews and compilations
• SEC audits

Lease Accounting Report

New guidelines from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) require lessees to recognize most leases on their balance sheet through a right-of-use (ROU) asset and corresponding lease liability.

This report gives details and examples to help you implement the new guidance, identify leases, distinguish operating leases from finance leases, and more.

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